Jackson Marking Products Co., Inc.

The Jackson Marking Products Story...

Jackson Marking's Current Location

The company was originally formed in Chicago in 1961 as Jackson Rubber Stamp Co., making only rubber stamps. Over the years since then many transformations have taken place.

In 1966 rubber-stamp manufacturing supplies and vulcanizers were added to the product line and the name of the company was changed to Jackson Rubber Stamp and Supply Co. The office was moved to the Chicago suburb of Schiller Park the following year.

Being a mail-order business, we then decided that an urban location was not required. We moved the business in 1975 to Mt. Vernon, Illinois in the southern part of the state. A new building was constructed to accommodate the needs of our growing enterprise.

To more accurately reflect the expanding product-line of the firm, in 1980 we changed our name to Jackson Marking Products Co. When our supplier of vulcanizers went out of business in 1983, Jackson Marking began production of our first Precision Presses.

Since then, the product line for marking-industry equipment has grown significantly. All the machines that Jackson sells are manufactured at our own facility, which has been expanded twice since the move to Mt. Vernon. The company has become a major manufacturer of rubber stamps as well as a premiere industry supplier for raw materials and a highly respected fabricator of equipment for customers worldwide.

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